Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three firts for Paloschi wins Milan, Milan 1 - Siena 0

It is so unfortunate condition for Milan right now. Having most of their important players down injured and banned with tight schedule in front of them forcing play twice a week (imagine if they manage to continue in Copa).For tonight game they play with 4-4-2 formation minus Kaka & Pato (injured), Gilardino (banned) and Seedorf (benched) in their starting lineup. Without Kaka and Seedorf as trequartista player, Milan put Ronaldo (looks like not 100% fit tonight) and Inzaghi as strikers. Due to fitness factor it looks like Ronaldo really struggling in playing his duty tonight. In first half he looked like almost invisible.
Overall Milan was struggling in the first half without second player to control the game aside of Pirlo. Usually Kaka or Seedorf with their creativity will be able to cover up Pirlo duty in creating chances for the team. But without them it really looks like Pirlo having a bad time to perform well tonight.
In the 2nd half Carletto substituted Ronaldo and Nesta for Seedorf and Bonera. I do not know what happened to Nesta so he was substituted in the 2nd half. I did not see anything wrong with him in the 1st half. I just hope Carletto substituted him so he can take a rest for the next game. Anyway the substitution worked well. With Seedorf in the pitch, Milan able to create more chances. Tough I still worried about Bonera because he made couple of mistakes in the first 10 minute in the pitch.
The surprise came in in 60mins when Alberto Paloschi, promoted youngster who already played 2 games in Copa Italia (and scored in each game) this season came to the picth replacing Serginho. Paloschi age 18 the same as Pato then made his fist official debut in Serie A. And after Seedorf realesed quick lob pass to the back of Siena defense, without controlling and dribbling the ball, Paloschi just hit the ball with powerfull and precise first time volley kick that went to the right bottom corner of Siena goal.
And again Milan was saved by 18 years old player! I just hope that this goal make Milan management realized that we should depend to a more younger potential player rather than "has been" & "over the hill" players.

Man of the match: Paloschi
Good appreciation should be given to Kalac too. His consisten performance with Milan recently that award him 1st choice goal keeper ahead of veteran Dida really showed up tonight. He made some of very important stop tonight that couple of them I could describe it as "a 90% goal". But the three firsts from Paloschi: first time appearance in Serie A, first touch of the ball in the game and his first goal in the first game in Serie A, is something that is a man of the match material and Milan should be thankful to him for his goal tonight. We just came closer to the 4th position tonight.