Monday, February 4, 2008

Pato scored, pato injured. Fiorentina 0 - Milan 1

It was a dull 1sty half i watched with my eyes half asleep. The 2nd half started with the same attitude with Fiorentina really explioted our left flank where Maldini is. The break came when Carletto made a change putting in Pato for Seedorf who looked very angry being subsituted at that time. Leaving from the other side of the field and refusing shakehand with Pato.
With this substitution Milan now played with 2 forwards (Gila & Pato). And then Emerson came in to replace Brochi. Emerson play in deep midfield replacing Pirlo original position while Pirlo move to the right midfield. This change worked well and Pato scored and become Milan saver of the game with his goal.
And the disaster struck. Pato injured his ankle while try shooting a ball. It looks worried as Pato really looked in agony and has to be stretched out of the game. I really hope nothing serious although I kind of doubt it. Looks like we are gonna lost another striker perhaps for another couple of months. It really sadden me.

Man of the match:
Kalac played well tonight. One golden opportunity for Fiorentina to level the score has been succesfully denied by him at injury time. I would say that man of the match will be Pato if he able to finish the game. But he did not. So I will say Kalac because his performance to denies Fiorentina chances.