Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Flickr photostream

One of my hobby is photography. I was one of the student that start the first photography extracuriculer activities in my high school (SMA 14 East Jakarta) in 1992. Then I went to Department of Journalism in University of Padjadjaran (Bandung) in 1993 and learn journalism photography.
My first camera is SLR Canon AE-1 with Tamron 70-210mm lens from my father. I took mostly journalism and human interest shots and most of it in black and white film. After that camera then I switched on to SLR Minolta Dynax (i forget the type) with kit lens. This camera has been my companion in my college years. By the time I graduated I sold it.
When most of my college friends work in media company, I choose a different path and spend of my post college year in IT sectors being an instructor and graphic designer. At this moment I hardly use my photographic skills and just use a Canon pocket digital camera for graphic design work purpose I have that time.
After spend several years at Bandung I moved on to Jakarta. Having better financial income then I managed to buy my first DSLR, the Nikon D50 with 18-55mm lens and begin my old hobby again. After about a year I decided to buy another DSLR this time a Nikon D80 with several lenses. What I enjoy from my hobby is the time when I gather and have photo hunting/session with fellow photographer friends in various exotic areas. So it is not just taking pictures but at the same time we travell to beautifull places that some of it I never visited before.
At the moment I do not own DSLR at all. I recently sold my D80 for other hobbies and decided to went hiatus on my photography hobby. So now I have a lot of time to review my old photos and decided to begin uploading it to my Flickr account. I will post update here everytime I upload a new photo at my photostream.