Monday, January 7, 2008

What's new in new new?

There are only 3 days that I celebrate. First is my wife birthday, our anniversary and Idul Fitri day. Occasionally if I don't forget, my mother birthday and perhaps my future kids birthday. So fyi I don't celebrate new year even my own birthday. So shaking my colleagues hands and saying happy new year on our first day job after long holiday is kind of bothering me.
Heck, whats so special about new year? Its just the same as other days. It just a work of some king from Rome (Julius Caesar) who like to play with days, moon and sun. And of course want his name to be part of it.
So what are new in this new year for me? First the important thing, my status is now married. Yes, finally it happened. I married my college lover and I guess I'm a lucky man now. :)
And on 30 December 2007, I bought a new pair of snickers. I have a couple of Converse shoes before. And that day I bought a new Adidas Superstar (with blue stripes). I like the old skull look of this one and kind of remind me of my 80's era. Actually I almost didn't buy this shoes but my wife convinced me and I'm lucky she did that because I really love it. I bought it at a discount store. The suggested retail price is 800.000 IDR and I bought it at 350.000 IDR. So it was quite a bargain for me.

My new Adidas Superstar

The other new thing is on the last day of 2007 I bought a new cellphone. And that is a Nokia 6210 Classic. It replace my Sony Ericsson K618i. Actualy I never into Nokia and always have a Sony Ericsson as my cell phone. First, the SE W610i is the first on my list. But the product has been discontinued so it was hard to find a new one on the stores. But after reading reviews and hear my wife's opinion (she knows about cellphones better than me), I know the Nokia 6120 Classic is a best bargain. It cost around 2.000.000 IDR (roughly the same as the new SE W610i) but with a lot a better features. The one that really caught me is that Nokia 6120 already support HSDPA (3,5G). This is important as I connect to the internet in my home using my cellphone as my modem. The other features that I really find it useful are: has FM receiver (I never had a cellphone with FM receiver before, my wife always laugh about this), support Micro SD up to 2Gb (useful to store my musics and listen to it at my own convenient time as my wife hate my musical taste) and the camera is not so bad. I think the 2Mp camera is better than my previous SE, it even has flash on it. And lastly it uses an OS (Symbian 6 ver.3) so I can install various applications.

Nokia 6120 Classic