Thursday, January 17, 2008

Milan 1 - Catania 1 (Coppa Italia)

As suspected, Milan play with their reserves team. The only regular player only Pirlo who was wearing the captain's armband. Catania played well and deserve the outcome by stopping Milan advance to the next round (aggregate 2-2 but Catania win by away goal).
There are nothing much I can say about the game, by putting most of their reserves players on the field, it was hard for them to find the rhythm and control the game. I'm a fan of offensive play, so when Carletto decided to play with one striker and fill the midfield with 5 players I shortly began to feel that this was not the game they will win. By placing Gilardino in front alone, I feel a little bit sorry for him as he was practically work alone. The midfield is too cramped with so many players that they didn't know what to to. Emerson and Brocchi play in deep, Cafu (a natural right back) played in wide right with Pirlo and Gourcuff try to support Gilardino up front. This scheme is suck.
Milan has tradition not playing with wide midfielder (pure winger). And now they doesn't have it on the team too today. So I think when you play with one striker, you should utilize the wide of the field as much as you can. This is when you need a winger. Cafu might be a good options even tough he is a natural right back, but he is too old to run and distribute ball as a winger supposed to do. So in addition of having a midfielder to replace Seedorf (read my last post), Milan should find player for wide midfield position.

Here are some players that worth to be noted:

Massimo Oddo
When Milan decided to brought him in, I feel that was a good choice. He already played in national team, been captain of Lazio and so far that time was one of the best player in right back position. But it is rather disappointing performance he has been since wearing Milan's shirt. Not too much impressive for his standard.

Yoan Gourcuff
He might be the next Zidane, but not now. Milan should loan him to other clubs and let him develop. It wastes of talent if he keeps play as a regular substitute. Let him play for other club in one or two season and see what he become. Just do not sell him right now.

Alberto Gilardino
After tonight game, I come to a conclusion that for the good of Milan and him, he should be out of Milan. Sell him while the price is still acceptable. He is a good player but I think he just don't fit in with Milan. I know Carletto is a big fan of him since the day they together at Parma but looks like things are not going to well for Gilardino if he stuck with current condition at Milan. I will not be too surprised if then he will play exceptional with other club after quitting Milan.