Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pato steal the show. Milan 2 - Genoa 0

It was a good result after disappointing previous game against Atlanta!

The game (1st half):
Milan came with 4-4-1-1 formation with Pato as a lone striker. First I was a little bit dissapointed with this formation as I remember when Milan play with Catania in Copa Italia that ended with a draw. I was afraid Milan will play to defensive with practically 4 midfield player and only 1 striker up front. This became reality in the first half where Milan was not easy to develop the game as they want it. This worsen with Genoa play closely defensive with all their players most of the time stayed on their half and Rubinho (Genoa GK) played very well.

The game (2nd half):
Milan open the 2nd half with fast game and hard pressure on Genoa's players. I was thinking that Pato will be replaced by Gilardino on the 2nd half. Pato have been struggling on the first half with some chances went away. To be surprised Carletto did not make any change at all. What is really surprised me was that Ambrosini playing very well on the 2nd half running wide and creating chances. This is the different between the game against Catania and tonight game. The 4 midfield players on the 2nd half played better and performed very well on the 4-4-1-1 scheme.
I was mistaken that thinking about replacing Pato. The first Milan goal from him was really the game opener. And the key for winning the game for Milan tonight is Milan consistency after scoring goal and lead the game. If you read my previous post, Milan has tendencies to play defensively and become clumsy after leading a game and in the end loosing it. But tonight after Pato's 1st goal Milan, Milan able to maintains their pressure. And this pressure that in the end resulting in Rubinho (Genoa's GK) being sent off for handsball outside the penalty box. After this incident practically Milan control the game and Pato adding another goal after superb pass from Ambrosini.

Man of the match.
Ambrosini surprisingly playing very well tonight even better than Pirlo. Kaka still dangerous although still could be better for his high standard. Oddo playing as a starting lineup and playing better than the previous game I have seen. But I think everybody will agree that Pato really steal the show tonight. Struggling on the first half, he was able to maximize chances he got on the 2nd half and keep the Genoa defense on their foot all the time.
I just hope he will be able to keep up with everybody's expectation and help Milan reach top 4 position.